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Seven things to do in Robertson

A whirlwind summary of the top seven things one can do in Robertson

Robertson is a small town in the Wine Valley in the Western Cape of South Africa. For such a tiny spot, it boasts an astounding amount of wine estates, restaurants and romantic activities. Whether you have a penchant for wine, hiking or gardens; there is something for you to do in Robertson.

Wine Tasting at Van Loveren Family Vineyards

Van Loveren pinotage wine tasting setup

One of the most obvious things to do in Robertson is going wine tasting. The Robertson Wine Valley contains about 40 wine farms. If you are also a foodie, then food-and-wine pairing might be right up your alley. Van Loveren offers a variety of food-and-wine pairing options including wine and chocolate; the classic cheese and wine; or an alcohol-free option that pairs sparkling grape juice and sweets (for the kids or the young at heart). If you’re interested, you can book here or download the brochure here.


The Ultimate Guided Wine Cellar Tour

wine barrel on wheels

Another common thing to do in Robertson is a guided wine cellar tour or “winery experience.” This is where you book a tour that goes through the wine farm’s cellar to discover how wine is made. Watching a YouTube clip on winemaking in Robertson is all good and well, but tasting straight from the French Oak barrels and touching the grapes on the vines all provide a new appreciation for the winemaking process. You may also find you become better at wine tasting and food-and-wine pairing, after enjoying a wine cellar tour in the area. Van Loveren offers weekly cellar tours that include a glass of their MCC. You can email to make a booking.


The Garden Tour Experience

closeup image of a garden

If you are interested in flora, you may enjoy a garden or “heritage” tour. This entails walking around one of the beautifully established gardens in Robertson and learning about the history of the families in the region. The matriarch of the Van Loveren garden, Jean Retief, was very intentional about planting trees to celebrate moments of political and historical significance. You may amble around the Van Loveren garden on your own tour, or book a private garden tour here which includes a wealth of local knowledge and a glass of bubbly.


Mountain Biking for the Movers

mountain biker riding on a trail

The Western Cape of South Africa has an extravagant selection of mountain biking trails. On the Van Loveren farm alone, there are three mountain bike trails that range from 12km-23km. You can contact Van Loveren here to book a day permit ahead of time if you are keen to get moving before trading hours. There is also an option to pay on arrival or even rent a bike if you see that Java MTB Trail and can’t resist!

Furthermore, the official Java MTB Challenge is on the 1st of October 2022 at the farm with mountain bike trails of 20km, 45 km and 65 km. If you would like to ride this challenge, secure your entry here.


The Fish Eagle Hiking Trail

Fish Eagle hiking trail

It would be remiss of us not to mention hiking when looking at Robertson and the Western Cape. Between the vineyards and the incredible mountain ranges, one can barely have breakfast without some magnificent view intruding on your daily news! The Fish Eagle hiking trail is one of the best hiking trails in the Western Cape. You can find out more here. This 7.5km trail takes about three hours to complete and is a dog-friendly hike, so your best friend is welcome to join you.


Bird Watching

Fish Eagle hiking trail logo

If you are an avid birder or have recently discovered bird watching, the Fish Eagle Trail may be of specific interest to you. This brochure, which is available at Van Loveren upon arrival, contains an extensive list of the birds you may encounter on your walk. There is more information here if you would like to book your bird viewing permit ahead of time. The local bird club once spotted 92 different species in one morning, so you will be in for a real treat watching all the birds of the Western Cape.


Trail Run in the Mountains

people enjoying a trail run

And finally, if hiking, birding and wining and dining are not what you’re looking for, a good old trail run in the mountains is recommended for soothing body and soul. Van Loveren wine estate in Robertson offers a 2.5km and 5km run (walk) for the light runners amongst us. For a more comprehensive run, Van Loveren Family Vineyards offers a 10km trail running route for those that love to get into nature and burn some calories. Contact if you need more information before you run.

Robertson is a hive of activity and contains something fun for tourists and those who are inspired to tour their own country. And if you’re looking for things to do in Robertson, you need not look further than the Van Loveren experience.

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