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Calcrete Chardonnay: Discover Terroir Driven Beauty

Van Loveren has introduced Calcrete Chardonnay which is the fingerprint of the Robertson Valley. Wines labelled as Calcrete represent Chardonnay in its purest form and express terroir with great clarity and minerality. It is an unwooded Chardonnay with a high mineral-driven composition. Launching a new wine from a specified terroir is groundbreaking for the South African Wine Industry. Let’s find out what makes this white wine so unique.

What is Calcrete Chardonnay?

Calcrete Chardonnay is a specialised Chardonnay that is only possible to grow in a specific region. Throughout the Robertson Wine Valley, white limestone deposits appear in differing degrees. It is understood that ancient deposits from the sea are responsible for these calcium carbonate outcrops. The high mineral quality of the soil affects the taste of the grapes and therefore the wine as well. 

Just as Chablis Chardonnay is only available from a particular region in France, so Calcrete Chardonnay is only available from this wine-growing region in South Africa. The Chardonnays from this area have always been exceptional, but now they are to be recognised within their own category. While each Calcrete Chardonnays have different nuances that reflect the winemaker, there will be a few common characteristics that allow them to be defined as Calcrete. 

By not aging this wine excessively and allowing it to remain unoaked, the Chardonnay grapes are able to show off the beautiful minerals in the soil without being masked by oaky overtones.

Why use Chardonnay grapes?

Chardonnay grapes have an uncanny ability to showcase the characteristics of the soil in which they grow. For this reason, you may find Chardonnay wines that are buttery and oaky, such as our Christiena Chardonnay; or sparkling and festive, such as our Christiena Cap Classique Brut

The specific vineyards used for the Van Loveren Calcrete Chardonnay are near the Breede River on our Welgeluk Farm and create a challenge for the vines to thrive. This may seem counterproductive at first glance, but the rocky, chalky soil forces the vines to develop deeper roots which end up extracting more of the mineral-flavour from the earth. 

Chardonnay grapes are the perfect vehicle for distributing these unique flavours to your glass.

Calcrete Chardonnay Tasting Notes

To produce Calcrete Chardonnay, the winemakers need to meet the detailed criteria of terroir and quality. There are then roughly four meetings of all the producers before the bottling of the wines commence. Each of the wines are blind tasted to ensure the vintners maintain the correct flavour profile of a Calcrete Chardonnay. 

Appearance: Light and vibrant, luminous with a lime green tinge.

Nose: Saline, minerally, limey, unoaked and clean. 

Palate: Revitalising and cool, limey, well-integrated acidity and length with an elegant minerality. 

Texture: A pleasant weight, yet not heavy; a light style that leaves the mouth well coated. 

Complexity: Many delicate and thin layers create an interesting tasting experience with lasting freshness. 

Pairing: Due to the maritime deposits in the soil, it follows that this wine pairs incredibly well with seafood, salads, and light meats. 

If you are looking for a unique wine experience, discover our Calcrete Chardonnay online. The Van Loveren team is excited to keep pushing the boundaries of wine in South Africa and surprise our faithful consumers with an exquisite and innovative offering.

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