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Van Loveren Conservation



95% of South Africa's wine is produced in the area known as the Cape Floral Kingdom. This is 1 of only 6 such plant kingdoms in the world and, is the smallest, yet most biodiverse areas in the country, sheltering over 10 000 plant species. This is more than the entire fauna and flora habitat of the Northern Hemisphere! The Cape Floral Kingdom is one of 25 recognised biodiversity hotspots, with 70% of the plants found here, and not anywhere else on earth. So conservation is pretty important and at Van Loveren we are proud to do our bit to conserve for future generations.

Van Loveren Conservation


  • 2500 ha set aside for conservation, minimizing loss of natural habitat

  • Alien plant eradication programme

  • Water-wise management programme

  • 800 solar panels on the winery's roof (about 30% of our energy is 'green')

  • A Biodiversity Hiking trail educating our visitors


Continuing our sustainability journey we recently received the Carbon Hero recognition award from Blue North Sustainability

This is part of their Confronting Climate Change (CCC) initiative which encourages wine farms to calculate and understand their carbon emissions. We are committed to tackling environmental risks, protecting conservation-worthy land, water and implementing energy-efficient solutions to ensure a sustainable future.

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One of the areas we conserve has an incredibly special feature, one of the youngest volcanic pipes in South Africa. It is a melilite pipe, consisting of a fine-grained dark rock with yellow olivine inclusions, and formed about 64 million years ago, around the time the dinosaurs went extinct. This is a rare kind of rock, which originates from beneath the crust of the earth. Geologists speculate that it may be related to a volcanic rock that carries diamonds. None however have been found at Van Loveren. as our meliltite never erupted with lava reaching the surface. This is referred to as an intrusive igneous plug - basically just short of being a proper volcano.

Van Loveren Conservation

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