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Why go on a Garden tour in Robertson?

closeup image of one of Robertson's gardens

When one thinks about traveling and planning activities when away from home, a garden tour isn’t always the first thing to come to mind. In fact, you may be asking what makes the Van Loveren gardens special and why you should be interested.

We’ve compiled a list of reasons why you would enjoy exploring our gardens in Robertson, even if you’re not an avid gardener yourself. We are passionate about our farm – the working component that creates revenue for the entire area, as well as the beauty and history we share with those who visit.

historic photos of people visiting Robertson gardens


Not all garden tours have this special feature, and we are very proud of how the matriarch of Van Loveren, Ouma Jean, planted trees to commemorate special occasions. The Van Loveren Garden hosts many tree species that were planted by Ouma Jean to remember important moments in the family (such as when each of her grandsons completed their university degrees) as well as historical events of significance – the end of WWII or when Mandela became president of South Africa. We think of it not only as a garden tour, but as a heritage tour. There is a sense of wonder as you are able to grasp the amount of time passed since the event by the size of the tree in front of you.

Robertson garden with tables and chairs

Be inspired

The first tree Ouma Jean and Oupa Hennie planted was a Washingtonia Palm after their wedding in 1939. Since then, she began cultivating our garden using only her ingenuity and creativity. Walking around the Van Loveren gardens in Robertson and being able to chat to people that have been maintaining these living works of art may equip you to bring the same charm to your own piece of land at home.

Van Loveren Chenin Blanc

Karoo Oasis

If you know anything about geography, you may be asking how such an oasis exists in the midst of a semi-arid area. This is a great question! The Robertson area receives only 250mm of rain per year annually. Therefore, our farm and garden rely on the Breede River and Brandvlei Dam to meet their water requirements. In 1978, a 1km pipeline was built that provides 60 000 litres of water to the farm per hour for only 50 weeks of the year! The clever design uses natural pressure and ensures the homestead survives, even when the weather doesn't play along. So come and take a stroll, even in the heat of Summer, and enjoy a meal at our Bistro in the shade provided by the trees and ferns.

Christina wine tasting

An excuse to travel

Some of us are excited about what the world has to offer and only need some fuel in the car to hop in and see where the road takes us. Others enjoy their creature comforts and need some bait to leave the nest and see the adventure life has to offer. Finding something beautiful to look forward to may be just the motivation you need! Make a list of beautiful places and see if you can visit them in an allotted amount of time. We promise that this garden excursion in Robertson will not disappoint – neither will the Marula Crème brûlée at our Bistro!

people toasting to great wine

If you thought that a garden tour was not for you, we challenge you to think again. Add it on to your mountain biking escapade or your wine tasting and see how connecting with nature and your loved ones creates a new rhythm for you. Pop us an email to book your half hour garden tour with complimentary glass of bubbly, or plan your own private garden tour. Looking forward to welcoming you to Van Loveren!

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