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We believe in involving big and small when it comes to family outings. Little ones need not feel left out during wine tastings – they can partake in their own (non-alcoholic) “wine” tasting, learning all about flavours, colours and pairings.

kids enjoying non-alcoholic wine tasting and pairing

Enjoy a tasting at our cellar or set up your own tasting at home – it’s easy and you can even join in the fun.

Start off by selecting a red and white grape juice. We use Papillon Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Blush and Papillon Alcohol Free Sparking White NV.

For the food pairing, we prefer jelly tots with their variety of flavours and colours, but you could also try jelly beans or sugared fruit gummies.

TIP Avoid sweets with a fizz as they will affect the sparkles in the juice.

For those not keen on sweets you can replace them with cheese such as mature cheddar, smoked Gouda or Royal Ashton.

Questions to ask the little ones:

  • Can you see through the juice?

  • What does the juice smell like?

  • Can you feel the bubbles play in your mouth?

  • Do you taste a certain type of fruit in the juice?

  • Which colour jelly tot matches which type of juice best?

Kids simply love drinking from a proper wine glass! When it comes to wine flavours, best to lead them in the right direction: The Papillon Sparkling Non-Alcholic Blush boasts festive flavours of fresh berries and candy floss, while the Sparkling White NV is a fruity juice with flavours of sun-kissed grapes.

Who wouldn’t love tasting wines with such fun descriptions!

In the end, of course, most important is hearing what the kids have to say about pairing sweets with wine. Have you perhaps guessed which jelly tot goes with which wine? Well, according to the little ones, white jelly tots are the perfect match for the pink blush, while green jelly tots go best with the white juice. Who are we to disagree?

Van Loveren kids "wine" tasting presentation

Rhino Run

We believe it is important to get the little ones involved in conservation from a young age. Rhinos in particular are near and dear to our hearts. We’ve joined forces with Royal Rhino to create the Rhino Run wine range in an effort to raise funds and awareness for rhino conservation.

During the tasting, kids can name their rhino, colour in the picture and write a message to save our rhinos.


The kids tasting cost R40 per person.

The tasting room is open seven days a week:

Monday to Friday: 08:30-17:00

Saturday: 09:30-15:30

Sunday: 11:00-15:00

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